Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yeah, I Don't Care!

Just a couple of video that I have neglected to post recently. WARNING*** F-Bombs being dropped like it was the invasion of Normandy.
And here is another. All I can say about people like this is, hey man, I want to get home to, so get back in line and stop rushing to the end of the merge lanes just to get a few cars ahead.

Monday, April 7, 2014


If you look closely at this video you can see this person driving erratically before even exiting the freeway. Also posted here is a picture of a sign that CLEARLY says no turning left at the "SIGNALIZED" [sic] intersection. When they do finally move their asses, they do so in such a way that almost causes a serious collision on the road.

This person is nothing more than your typical Denver driver only they're from Iowa, and is a hazard on the streets. Obviously they can't read street signs, and their driving skills are highly in question. What amuses me about this whole sequence of events is the fact that the drivers passenger flipped me off when I drove by. Sorry buddy, I wasn't the one driving the car you were in, that person is 100% at fault here.