Friday, March 28, 2014

Instant Karma

It's been kind of slow around here, which I'm happy for. However, I have noticed a number of tailgaters lately, who I have not been able to catch on camera. I did find this on youtube, enjoy. From what I understand about this video the guy driving the truck fled the scene and was later arrested and charged with multiple crimes. Instant Karma doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cut Off...Again

Just another video of being cut-off while driving. The funny thing is that I have been taking a different way to work in the mornings lately and have been having a pretty pleasant drive. Today, however, I decided to give 6th avenue a try just to see if the drive got any better since the time change on Saturday...I think I'll go back to taking that other way to work.

Thank You!

"I must share this: 

That the first 5 months that I lived in CO, every month I was run off the highway because of a bad driver. I have been here for 10 months. It has gotten worse, thankful no accidents have I been a part of. Even once a driver that had two flat tires, trying to merge onto the highway, straight into my lane(the middle lane) without a signal light on, and when I honked to let him know he was coming into my lane, he had the nerve to flip me off as I drove by. He was also going about 20-25mi, onto the damn highway. Seriously?

I consider myself a damn good cautious driver. And ppl in CO are definitely horrible drivers, by far. I hear though some claim its the Californians. All I know is a dash cam is a damn great idea. Way to go Longhorn. Its ridiculous and even more so when the drivers get upset with you because they clearly cannot drive.

Another example, was following behind a friend to head to grab a bite to eat. Not only had we just held a conversation as we were shopping, about how much I cannot stand driving in this city/state. That she switched lanes from the far left to the far right, knowing I'm behind her, and she did it first then turned on her signal light. When we arrived at the eatery, as soon as she got out the car she started laughing. She already knew what I was going to say. Then she blamed it on the Californians. I said I dont care who it is really, all I know is it has been clearly happening for a long while and before I arrived. Drivers piss me off here. And I AM NOT AFRAID to say it. Actually cycling should be the top mode of transportation here. Accidents would be less serious. All this week on my way to work I have seen at least two accidents. Whole blocks closed off. That's fuckin' ridiculous!! If you didnt get that prior."
I did want to take a moment and send out my sincere thanks to the people who defended me and my videos. To everybody else, I think I need to point out that I hold no grudges to the people I encounter on the road and how they treat others when they drive. I don't even do this to shame them. I do this because I can do, it's therapy. So having said that, I make no excuses for my opinions or the things I post. The obvious fact is that we all make mistakes, even I make them, and even I make them when out driving. But one thing I don't do is put people in obvious danger while driving. Driving is a privilege, not a right! However, more often then not, people in the Denver area drive like the roads were built ONLY for them and everybody else needs to just get out of the way. If you are one of those people, you may very likely find a video of yourself driving posted here one day, and if that happens you only have yourself to blame.

And lastly, I would like to say that, believe it or not, their are good drivers driving in the Denver area. Many may disagree, but in my opinion I am one of them. Not only that, it is also my opinion that I am a very good driver, and if I could pat myself on the back here for a moment, I would go as far as to say that I am among the best of the best. But again, like I hinted at above, I have made mistakes. The only physical accident I have ever been in was my fault, and I admitted to it when it happened. As a result, I slowed down and made sure I was always aware of my surroundings, because what I realized is that I got off easy. It was a minor fender-bender and nobody was hurt, but that could have easily not been the case. Somebody could have gotten hurt, or worse. The bottom line is that a car is not a toy. People die in car accidents everyday, and still many people go on driving like they simply don't care. Well, they may not care, but I do, and so should you.

-The Longhorn

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oh, wait, one more

"Out of curiosity I checked out Longhorn's blog.

Here is what I observed in the video evidence you presented.

Longhorn was exceeding the speed limit during the entire video and was at times going nearly 75 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.

You were also aggressively following the vehicle in front of you too closely. Did you feel it was ok to sacrifice safe driving in order to capture your precious video?

Remember Longhorn the rule of thumb is to allow one car length for every ten miles per hour.

And finally, if you did call the police and present them with your video evidence. Would they not be obligated to give you a traffic citation for speeding and following too closely? Perhaps even aggressive / reckless driving?

The video evidence proves that your driving habits are not as impeccable as you suppose.

Hypocrites are among the most amusing of people to observe.

It is true that hypocrites are among the most amusing people. Take the asshat that made the above posting. As you can see from the above snapshot from the video I posted, the miles per hour on 6th is 65 mph, not 55mph like the above person claimed. Second, watch the video, at no point did I ever exceed 70-71 mph, so, again, this persons claim that I was speeding, excessively, down the highway at 75 mph is simply a lie. Lastly, I was driving down the highway minding my own business when this all happened, so to say I was driving aggressively is about what I expect from the incompetence I find in many people driving in this town.
What I think people really object to is the fact that I had the balls to call the cops on the dangerous driver of the SUV. It is shocking to me that people would say this is my fault when the video evidence I presented here clearly shows otherwise.
One ting I love is taking the insane argument of a moron and pocking holes in it, like I did here. ROFL!
-The Longhorn

More Dumber

Let's just go straight to the responses:

"I watched your video clip several times, you complained about the SUV that sped by you yet when it signal to change into your lane you sped up to 70mph. You continued to follow it going faster than the posted speed limit. You are not a good Denver driver."

"I also watched your blog lip several times you are supposed to allow drivers to lane change without speeding up(70mph) to block them from doing just that. Yet you decided to follow them; too bad I couldn't see info about you I would be turning you in to the state patrol."
This hypocritical response is especially amusing. I admit, I wanted to get closer to get a license plate number, but the person sped away at such a high rate of speed that I dared not try and keep up. And I'm not sure how you could say I followed them since 6th avenue was the way I take to go home? And what exactly would you tell the state patrol? I'm very curious about this, especially since I did nothing wrong and I was the one that called the police in the first place. The whole thesis of your argument is simply laughable and pathetic.

"You're just an asshole. I didn't spend a lot of time on your stupid blog or whatever the hell you call it, but I did watch the short one with the bicyclist. He wasn't doing anything wrong! He was just riding. It's NOT YOUR FUCKING ROAD! You drive around chasing people and calling 911 in the name of being a law abiding citizen, but then when it doesn't suit your purposes, you get all bent about that too. And just for your information, it's illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. Seriously, could you be any fucking dumber??"

"Your a fucking moron. The bicycle didn't do anything wrong, he even signaled as his lane ended. In the suv video you were tailgating. The law is one car length for every 10mph. You should have been 60' back, allowing people to change lanes safely. It looks like you are a passive aggressive driver and a danger to everyone around you. Your too stupid to drive a car."

It amazes me that there could be so many dumb people that would fabricate something in the face of clear, undisputable evidence, such as a video. And going back and looking at my video, it's clear to me that I never sped up as the vehicle in front of me changed lanes and almost ran me off the road, unless you say increasing speed by one mile per hour as speeding up? Also, it's the person switching lanes' responsibility to make sure there is nobody in the lane they are trying to move into. It just goes to show that many Denver drivers are just as incompetent in their thinking as they are in their driving.
Also, the bicyclist video. Many seemed to dumb to even read what I said in plain English in my posting. What I said is that I feel it's time that the laws be changed in order to not allow bicyclists on the road, unless there is no sidewalk, where they can become a hazard, and where they had been hazards previously. Sorry I had an opinion, since this post more than any other pissed people off. However, I think people are confusing me for someone that gives a shit what their opinion is, which I don't.
And I never said I thought the road was my road. In fact, that's one thing I rail against in this blog and how  many Denver drivers have a very selfish view when driving.
I would love to drive around in my car with no video camera, but the incompetence level in this town has become so much that I feel I have to for my own protection.
And finally, to all my haters on Craigslist, I would have responded earlier, but I have a job, a family and responsibilities, and don't have the luxury of sitting in my moms basement all day trolling the internet.

-The Longhorn


So, first off, I must say that I'm beginning to love - LOVE! - craigslist and posting there. The responses I get back are, well, funny as hell. Take for example the following reply posted in the Rants and Raves section of Denver's craigslist on March 7, 2014:
"So....this guy who posts this stuff is an idiot! I watched the video he posted on his blog, and he is just stupid. The car he was filming, that was so dangerous and out of control, did nothing wrong, except speed. It is not illegal to change lanes, drivers are not bound to stay in one lane for the duration of their trip. The driver of the SUV consistently used turned signals, and the only person they were even somewhat close to colliding with was you, because you sped up to close the gap when that driver wanted to change lanes into your lane, when they again, used the turn signal. I mean, the one thing he did was speed, but so did you! You'll most likely justify it by saying, "well I needed to film this menace on the road", but it's not your job, nor is it ok for you to speed.

Furthermore, I looked at another one of his posts about bikers in the road. He states that they should use the sidewalk. It is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk, bikers are supposed to use the road.

This guy is an idiot. I wish there were devices that could show idiots how idiotic they are.

So, in this "geniuses" world - I can't even write that without laughing - someone who changes lanes, but does so in such a way that they almost run someone else off the road, well, that's okay. God, I would hate to be driving on the road at the same time as this asshat. He would be running everyone off the road! This guy was so out there he even made the claim that "The car he was filming, that was so dangerous and out of control, did nothing wrong, except speed." All I can say to that is wow! Really? Apparently you didn't watch the entire video, either that or it's time for new eyeglasses. Also, this persons claim that "you sped up to close the gap when that driver wanted to change lanes into your lane" is so pathetic of a claim that even if I did point out the irony of this persons claim, I'm not sure they would even have the brain power to comprehend what I'm saying, but I'll try anyway, and this relates to a couple of video I have posted. It's not my responsibility to make sure that the person in front of me is changing lanes in a safe manner, it's theirs. I'm not behind the wheel of their car, I'm behind the wheel of mine. And as for me speeding up to close the gap, maybe I was about to change lanes myself and was speeding up to get into the right lane? Whatever the reason, all I can say is that I did NOTHING wrong, so please think before you make illogical comments like that. There are so many other things I could say to other comments in this reply, but there simply isn't enough time in a day to do so, and plus, you can't fix stupid, so... And lastly, this person concluded their commentary by saying "[t]his guy is an idiot." Gee, what do I say to that? I guess one thing I can say is right back at ya.

-The Longhorn

Thursday, March 6, 2014

DING! DING! We Have A Winner!

Since starting this blog I've called the cops twice. Today makes three times. I don't really know what the person in this Ford SUV was doing, but I suspect she might have been chasing the Ford Mustang that sped by just moments before. Later the women driving this SUV weaved in and out of traffic and sped down the highway at high speeds. I wanted to call the cops when it first happened, but hesitated because the person had no license plate, just a temp tag. Then I thought about it and realized that it did seem this person might have been chasing this other car and the police should be notified, and to be honest, I was pretty pissed off that this lady almost ran into me.

Email Time

Okay, so I know I said I had a zero tolerance when it came to comments and emails, but every once in a while something so stupid is said that, well, I have to respond. This weeks Special Needs Response comes from David S who said:
"I'd be surprised if your IQ exceeds the speed limit. You don't understand what a continuous lane is, or know that they exist...I saw you stopped at one.  Moron."

Well, first off, David, I'm surprised you even have the brain cells to operate a computer and email me this comment, but you did, so your mommy must be so proud, now go upstairs, mommy is calling you for dinner. And yes, I do understand what a continuous lane is as you can see in the VIDEO. And I think when you wrote that last sentence the meds were wearing off because it makes absolutely no sense.

But thanks for writing in David, I love hearing from my fans, even if they are mentally handicapped. So stay tuned for more insane driving videos, I have one in the hopper that is beyond belief, who knows maybe it was David who was driving, I wouldn't be surprised.

-The Longhorn

Time For Honesty

I've seen the dumper stickers: "Share the road." I laugh every time I read that b.s. In the video above, as I passed the bicyclist I yelled "use the sidewalk!" I don't care if that pisses off bicyclists. How about instead of "share the road," it should be "follow the laws of the road." Just this morning I saw a bicyclist riding on Speer just before University, even though there is a bicyclist sidewalk specifically for bicyclists there. When traffic stopped at the light I notice that this didn't stop him from proceeding down the road in-between cars. The simple fact is that bicyclists riding on the road with cars are hazards. They never follow the rules, riding through stop signs and in-and-out of traffic. They ride on the road and slow down traffic and are, well, to be honest, a nuisance. It's time laws are passed making it illegal for bicyclists to be on the road, especially if there are sidewalks there they can use.
That's my two cents.

What Have I Always Said?

"Where ever you have to go is none more important than where I have to go."
I took this video on March 5, 2014 on I-25 as I entered onto the highway from Alameda. I had already merged onto the highway when I noticed a car in the merge lane behind me not making any attempt to merge. Instead, she went to the end of the lane and tried to bully her way in. Her plan would have worked IF I wasn't there. I am perfectly happy to let people merge if they make an attempt to merge before the end of the lane. The lady driving this car, however, had made it clear she was going to the end of the lane to butt her way ahead of all the other people who had already merged and were now patiently waiting for traffic to move.
The best part about this video is that this day at work was rough, everything seemed to be coming apart around me, and it's my job to fix it, so when I met this person on the highway, denying her her chance of butting in line was just what I needed to perk me up.