They call me Longhorn, that's because when you do something stupid on the road, I'll use the horn, and not just a simple honk, no I like the longggggg drawn out honks.
I live in the Denver area and have had so many experience driving in this town that I felt compelled to start this blog. I won't stereo type or make a blanket statement by saying that ALL drivers in the Denver area are completely incompetent, but I have had so many incidents and near run-ins (literally) that the percentage to me of those that are incompetent seems frightening high.
This is why I bought a camera and a car mount and started video recording.
I'm not saying I'm the best driver in the world - I have had speeding tickets and have even been the cause of a single fender-bender - but I have learned from my mistakes, and I think, I have improved my driving skills as a result. I can't say that is true for all drivers I see on the road.
In any case, these are my video recording and experience, so watch and enjoy, and for the love of God think while you're driving!

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