Monday, February 24, 2014


Many people ask why I have a camera mounted in my car. Part of the answer to that question is because if I were to witness an encounter like this, I would, possibly, have the person's license plate number on film, in which case I would gladly notify the police. Another answer to that question is for my own safety. If someone were to run into me and then try and blame me for causing the accident, I would, again, have everything on film.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CDOT Incompetence?

I included this video here because, well, frankly I'm pissed. Now CDOT has been making it a point, it would seem, to piss people off while at the same time just doing a shitty job at just about everything they do, and the construction on 6th avenue lately is a perfect example of this.
Everything needs fixing and improving however, the construction on 6th avenue could have been done, well, with a little more thought. Why close down that huge swath of highway? Why not break the project into first taking down the bridge and/or repairing them, then moving onto whatever they are doing further down the road closer to I-25? It would be much less of a cluster fuck, let me tell you. Further more, the road is now a 4-wheel road, full of potholes and bumps, so driving home in my little Honda is a trip, to say the least.
So CDOT, in my opinion, you fucked it up yet again! Good job! Oh, and by the way, I'm no engineer and have no experience in construction, but I could have planned that project better, so if you need some advice let me know, I have five minutes I could put forth, that's about all it would take to do at least a better planning job then the effort thus far shown.
With all that is going on with highway 36, the construction on 6th avenue is making me think that maybe CDOT is turning it into a toll road as well, plans they won't reveal until the very last second? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This video speaks for itself

WARNING: I dropped the f-bomb in this video, but I think it's justified.

Friday, February 14, 2014


So I posted something to Craigslist about my blog a few days ago and didn't go back to look at the Rants and Raves section until today, and well, apparently I missed some back-and-forth about what I had to say:

"Reply to the Reply------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What's your beef, dude? The OP's got a point, I hate driving in Denver anymore. No where does it say he took the video as you would so accuse, he might of had a camera mounted on his field hat like the falconry apprentice dude. Besides, he could be doing some shooting with something else besides a camera which seems to be the modern trend but where does the whole pedestrian and parking garages come in? It's uncool to make up things to make some obscure point.

Over all I thought the videos were silly. Why I actually watched a video on traffic I'll never know, perhaps it was the intriguing and suspenseful music that made me think he was going to hop a curb and drive like a mad man on the sidewalk for a hundred yards, but that didn't happen.

Original Reply to my post-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dude, your blog sucks. Bad/"insane"/unsafe drivers are everywhere. You're one of them because you record video while driving. Do you really think you're the only one that has to deal with the ineptitude of others? Be thankful you're not trapped in a southern state where virtually no one knows how to drive in snowy conditions. Also, slow down when you're driving through parking garages (and elsewhere, for that matter)! The pedestrians you see probably enjoy having functional legs and would like to keep them that way."

Again, thanks for going to my blog. And while the original poster thought my blog sucked, he mistook me for someone who cares what his opinion is. Beyond that, I got over 200 hits that day so... All-in-all, I got a good laugh over these postings. Denverites, you never cease to make me laugh...or cry, depending on whether I'm on the road driving or not.

-The Longhorn

December to Remember...or Not

In the market for...

Driving into work this morning made me realize that I need a video camera mount that covers not only the front but also the back. This morning, as I got onto 6th Avenue at Wadsworth, some lady driving a mid 90'2 Red/Burgundy Ford Taurus switch lanes from the middle to the right lane at the merge point. As she did, she was also traveling at, if I had to guess, 60+ miles per hour. She almost smashed into the back of me, and in typical Colorado driver style, then flipped me off. Sorry lady, I did nothing wrong. As she pulled closer I saw that she could barely see over the steering wheel. She didn't appear to be old, from what I could see, maybe in her late 40's or early 50's, but needless to say, she shouldn't have been driving.

This isn't the first time that this has happened, in fact, it's almost a daily occurrence, but it did get me to thinking that often stuff in happening in the back of me that I'm never able to capture on camera and thus post online.

It is a problem to be solved for sure!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keep them coming

I got some feedback yesterday from some people who saw my add on craigslist. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping your comments and thoughts respectful, and by all means keep 'em coming.

Guess what happened to me (again!) yesterday?

That's right, I got cutoff while driving on the highway in almost the exact same spot as I did the day before.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Thank You, Denver

I just wanted to write down a quick thank you to all the people in the Denver area. These last couple of weeks have been, well, full of material that you have provided me for use on this blog. I have so much material in fact, that I am struggling to edit it all. Don't fret though, in the next few days I promise to have some new material up, including some videos that were taken in December.
-The Longhorn