Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A new year, a new call to the Colorado Highway Patrol

Last year I called the Colorado highway patrol about...um...well, a few times. More than four not as many as seven times, if I had to guess. Every time a report was filed. I was kind of hoping that this year people would finally learn, but that's too much to ask isn't. Take the person photographed above. I was driving on 6th avenue this morning around 6:40 AM when this person decided that they didn't want to merge onto 6th when getting off I-25, they just wanted the right-of-way. Well, there right-of-way almost collided with my car and caused an accident. Thanks to my expert driving skill, I was able to avoid hitting this person, and hopefully an ear full of my horn taught them a lesson. In the end, however, I did report them to the Highway Patrol. Six days into the New Year and that's one.

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