Friday, February 14, 2014


So I posted something to Craigslist about my blog a few days ago and didn't go back to look at the Rants and Raves section until today, and well, apparently I missed some back-and-forth about what I had to say:

"Reply to the Reply------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What's your beef, dude? The OP's got a point, I hate driving in Denver anymore. No where does it say he took the video as you would so accuse, he might of had a camera mounted on his field hat like the falconry apprentice dude. Besides, he could be doing some shooting with something else besides a camera which seems to be the modern trend but where does the whole pedestrian and parking garages come in? It's uncool to make up things to make some obscure point.

Over all I thought the videos were silly. Why I actually watched a video on traffic I'll never know, perhaps it was the intriguing and suspenseful music that made me think he was going to hop a curb and drive like a mad man on the sidewalk for a hundred yards, but that didn't happen.

Original Reply to my post-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dude, your blog sucks. Bad/"insane"/unsafe drivers are everywhere. You're one of them because you record video while driving. Do you really think you're the only one that has to deal with the ineptitude of others? Be thankful you're not trapped in a southern state where virtually no one knows how to drive in snowy conditions. Also, slow down when you're driving through parking garages (and elsewhere, for that matter)! The pedestrians you see probably enjoy having functional legs and would like to keep them that way."

Again, thanks for going to my blog. And while the original poster thought my blog sucked, he mistook me for someone who cares what his opinion is. Beyond that, I got over 200 hits that day so... All-in-all, I got a good laugh over these postings. Denverites, you never cease to make me laugh...or cry, depending on whether I'm on the road driving or not.

-The Longhorn

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