Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lesson Learned

On Friday June 20, 2014 around 6:30 PM the truck in the included picture passed the car I was driving in with my mother, girlfriend and three dogs. We were driving down Coal Creek Canyon Road at a speed of 55 mph. Despite me and my girlfriend driving on the road several days before and seeing many police patrolling the area, the individual in the pictured truck decided to pass us at a high rate of speed. It was a double yellow which immediately made my mother, the driver, slow down and take notice. Within moments the truck violently veered into our lane, almost rear ending the truck in front of us, as he desperately attempted to avoid on coming traffic. Happy that no one was hurt, me and my mother looked at each other and said something to the effect that "hopefully he learned his lesson," referring to the man driving the Chevy. Unfortunately he didn't. No sooner had we thought that than the truck move over into the the left lane once more and proceeded to pass the truck in front of him. And just as before, the truck pictured above switched lanes back into the right lane, narrowly missing on coming traffic and the truck he was attempting to get around.

And what did all that get this driver? Nothing. No sooner had we reached the light at highway 93 did we notice who was in front of us. I got out of my car and snapped this picture and then got back in as the light turned green. As we followed the truck north we called highway patrol. Unfortunately there were no cars in the area, but I did learn one very valuable lesson. Since I had the licence plate number, I was able to give the highway patrol all the info they needed to make a report. If five reports are received a ticket is issued. My point here is, don't be afraid to call the cops and report dangerous drivers. My story is a prime example of why. How the driver of that beat-up Chevy managed to avoid an accident is beyond me, but maybe, just maybe, if enough people call in when he drives like that and reports him, he'll think twice about his reckless driving in the future.

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