Thursday, July 3, 2014

Road Hazards

Watching this video I understand that there was a road hazard ahead, but that reason for this person wanting to change lanes and almost causing a significant accident is no excuse. I should also point out here that if you pull what this person pulled, and lets say the person behind me would have rear-ended me as a result, the person in front of me can be held responsible. Just because your car doesn't make physical contact with another car in an accident doesn't mean you aren't responsible, and with a video camera rolling and proof of what transpired, I could have easily proved my case. Luckily here nothing like that happened. It is my opinion that people who drive the way this person was driving should have their licenses revoked forever, but that's just my opinion. As you can see the actions of the person driving this car cause me to slam on my brakes, making slow down from 67 mph to 25 mph. Typical day driving on the road of Denver!

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