Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time For Honesty

I've seen the dumper stickers: "Share the road." I laugh every time I read that b.s. In the video above, as I passed the bicyclist I yelled "use the sidewalk!" I don't care if that pisses off bicyclists. How about instead of "share the road," it should be "follow the laws of the road." Just this morning I saw a bicyclist riding on Speer just before University, even though there is a bicyclist sidewalk specifically for bicyclists there. When traffic stopped at the light I notice that this didn't stop him from proceeding down the road in-between cars. The simple fact is that bicyclists riding on the road with cars are hazards. They never follow the rules, riding through stop signs and in-and-out of traffic. They ride on the road and slow down traffic and are, well, to be honest, a nuisance. It's time laws are passed making it illegal for bicyclists to be on the road, especially if there are sidewalks there they can use.
That's my two cents.

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