Thursday, March 6, 2014

Email Time

Okay, so I know I said I had a zero tolerance when it came to comments and emails, but every once in a while something so stupid is said that, well, I have to respond. This weeks Special Needs Response comes from David S who said:
"I'd be surprised if your IQ exceeds the speed limit. You don't understand what a continuous lane is, or know that they exist...I saw you stopped at one.  Moron."

Well, first off, David, I'm surprised you even have the brain cells to operate a computer and email me this comment, but you did, so your mommy must be so proud, now go upstairs, mommy is calling you for dinner. And yes, I do understand what a continuous lane is as you can see in the VIDEO. And I think when you wrote that last sentence the meds were wearing off because it makes absolutely no sense.

But thanks for writing in David, I love hearing from my fans, even if they are mentally handicapped. So stay tuned for more insane driving videos, I have one in the hopper that is beyond belief, who knows maybe it was David who was driving, I wouldn't be surprised.

-The Longhorn

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