Friday, March 7, 2014

More Dumber

Let's just go straight to the responses:

"I watched your video clip several times, you complained about the SUV that sped by you yet when it signal to change into your lane you sped up to 70mph. You continued to follow it going faster than the posted speed limit. You are not a good Denver driver."

"I also watched your blog lip several times you are supposed to allow drivers to lane change without speeding up(70mph) to block them from doing just that. Yet you decided to follow them; too bad I couldn't see info about you I would be turning you in to the state patrol."
This hypocritical response is especially amusing. I admit, I wanted to get closer to get a license plate number, but the person sped away at such a high rate of speed that I dared not try and keep up. And I'm not sure how you could say I followed them since 6th avenue was the way I take to go home? And what exactly would you tell the state patrol? I'm very curious about this, especially since I did nothing wrong and I was the one that called the police in the first place. The whole thesis of your argument is simply laughable and pathetic.

"You're just an asshole. I didn't spend a lot of time on your stupid blog or whatever the hell you call it, but I did watch the short one with the bicyclist. He wasn't doing anything wrong! He was just riding. It's NOT YOUR FUCKING ROAD! You drive around chasing people and calling 911 in the name of being a law abiding citizen, but then when it doesn't suit your purposes, you get all bent about that too. And just for your information, it's illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. Seriously, could you be any fucking dumber??"

"Your a fucking moron. The bicycle didn't do anything wrong, he even signaled as his lane ended. In the suv video you were tailgating. The law is one car length for every 10mph. You should have been 60' back, allowing people to change lanes safely. It looks like you are a passive aggressive driver and a danger to everyone around you. Your too stupid to drive a car."

It amazes me that there could be so many dumb people that would fabricate something in the face of clear, undisputable evidence, such as a video. And going back and looking at my video, it's clear to me that I never sped up as the vehicle in front of me changed lanes and almost ran me off the road, unless you say increasing speed by one mile per hour as speeding up? Also, it's the person switching lanes' responsibility to make sure there is nobody in the lane they are trying to move into. It just goes to show that many Denver drivers are just as incompetent in their thinking as they are in their driving.
Also, the bicyclist video. Many seemed to dumb to even read what I said in plain English in my posting. What I said is that I feel it's time that the laws be changed in order to not allow bicyclists on the road, unless there is no sidewalk, where they can become a hazard, and where they had been hazards previously. Sorry I had an opinion, since this post more than any other pissed people off. However, I think people are confusing me for someone that gives a shit what their opinion is, which I don't.
And I never said I thought the road was my road. In fact, that's one thing I rail against in this blog and how  many Denver drivers have a very selfish view when driving.
I would love to drive around in my car with no video camera, but the incompetence level in this town has become so much that I feel I have to for my own protection.
And finally, to all my haters on Craigslist, I would have responded earlier, but I have a job, a family and responsibilities, and don't have the luxury of sitting in my moms basement all day trolling the internet.

-The Longhorn

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